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“Our vision is ‘to ensure animal welfare in the Indonesian cattle industry”

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The first period was in 2012. There were problems in monitoring the conformity of the abattoir used as a place to process the cattle with the supply chain lists in several importers. Forum AWO established to make sure the traceability of the cattle done and to optimize the performance audit were held efficiently. The member of Forum AWO was limited to importers only. The activity of the Forum AWO at this period was focused on Java island.

The second period was in 2018, GAPUSPINDO wants to cover the welfare issue in Sumatera Island. So Forum AWO Sumatera was establish in Dec 2018 with 11 members of committee. The Forum AWO Sumatera was actively conduct multiple training in Pekanbaru, Padang, Medan, and Palembang. These training were funded by LEP MLA, to address halal issue in operating stunning.  As time went on, it was realized that it was better for Forum AWO Sumatera and Forum AWO in Java to be united become Forum AWO Indonesia. Recent Forum AWO Indonesia’s network is a volunteer run organization, made up of importers, feedlotters & exporter staff in the supply chain. The committee is made up of 9 main committees and 21 FAWO representatives in 13 regional zones.

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Animal Welfare Training and First Halal Slaughterer Competition in Indonesia was held in Bandung by the Forum AWO Indonesia.
Forum AWO Indonesia held a training program focused on Animal Welfare and Traceability on February 28th...
AWO National Competition 2024: Meningkatkan Profesionalisme dan Keterampilan Animal Welfare Officer di Indonesia
Pelatihan Animal Welfare dan Traceability oleh Forum AWO Indonesia untuk supply chain sapi potong di Jawa Tengah
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FAWO mengikuti The 6th International Livestock, Dairy, Meat Processing, and Aquaculture Exposition (ILDEX) 2023

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Mark-Harvey Sutton Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC)

“The FAWO is an outstanding example of Australia’s largest cattle market prioritising animal welfare. The work FAWO has done to ensure that caring for animals is not only a good thing to do for business, but also a profession to be proud of, is simply outstanding. The Australian Livestock Exporters Council is extremely proud to work with FAWO and look forward to seeing it continue to grow.”

Kari-Melise Moffat Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd.

“The achievements of the FAWO are an incredible example of what can be done when industry unites to achieve a common goal. The positive impact on animal welfare the Forum is having is demonstrating inspiring industry leadership.”

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